Dear scientists!

You are an integral part of Azerbaijan on June 18-21, 2022 Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, which is part of and is called the "Gate of the East" “I International Medical Forum" to be held in the Republic of Azerbaijan We are honored to invite you to

The rapid development of medical technology and treatment methods in the world Despite the fact that there are still many waiting for a solution in medicine problems exist. The search for solutions to these problems is medical scientists and experts are constantly thinking. Many complex treatment in the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases In addition to methods, laparoscopic, endoscopic and robotic surgery methods are faster and more reliable thanks to new technologies can be implemented. Modern treatment methods in this regard multidisciplinary discussion is very relevant.

The forum will be attended by medical scientists, specialists, theoretical and practical significance for resident doctors, medical students will no doubt carry. Scientific committee today knowledge and experience modern technologies, treatment methods to meet their needs, aims to analyze approaches. For this in the forum solution of many problems relevant in various fields of medicine live by medical scientists and experts about the ways presentations will be organized.

We will implement it in a beautiful time of Nakhchivan's climate and nature The participation of valuable scientists in the forum is very important for us. All of you to share your scientific and practical experiences with us We invite you to the forum.

Respectfully yours, on behalf of the Organizing Committee


Rector of Nakhchivan State University


Chairman of the Azerbaijan Society of Endoscopic-Laparoscopic Surgeons